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Friday, 27 July 2012

Guess Who's Got News, and Avon Vs The Beauty Blender. (The Grudge Match!).

Hey Peeps! How are my lovelies?
I've been on a short hiatus due to a hand injury, (tendonitis sucks FYI!) and a broken computer! Ray's a video game player, for reasons best known to his almost 40 year-old self, and he looked like someone had taken his heroin, while the computer was gone! I thought I'd have to sedate him so he'd make it through his jones!
He made it through with hardly a scratch, and I'm back in the shack!
I do have some news that i should share with everyone! I'm getting married in November! After eight years, it's about time we had the big shin-dig! It's going to be so fun! I'm thinking a vampy Liz Taylor look. I'll be posting a couple of pics soon, and I'd love to hear what you think!
I always think that the most important part of a special occasion look is the skin. Without a great canvas, the rest just won't look right. I've been looking at the Beauty Blender Make-up Sponge for a while, and the idea of it intrigues me! I'm not, however, willing to spend almost thirty dollars on something that might not be any different than a Dollar Store special.
Imagine my excitement when I came across the Avon Precision Grip Sponge!
What makes the Beauty Blender unique is the egg-shape. The bottom is wider for large areas, and the tapered top is geared for smaller, more delicate areas like the undereye, or nostrils. The Avon version is similar, but has a groove in the middle. This does make it easier to maneuver.
I actually love the finish I get with this sponge. The bottom is slightly flat, so the foundation gets really buffed into the skin. The texture of the sponge doesn't suck up too much product, leaving a finish that isn't all streaky or cakey. The pointy side fits nicely into the hollow of the eye for concealer application, but I love using it for a creamy hilighter in there. It's great for hilighter at the top of the cheekbone too. Again, buff it right in!
Overall, this was a nice little surprise! It goes for about $6.99, so the price couldn't be any better! I think the Beauty Blender would probably be a good investment, but until I win the lottery I'm going to stick with this Bad Boy!

Donna. Xoxo

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Fuschia Fever! If There's a Cure, I Don't Want It! ( I'm so lamesometimes!)

Oh my, I love lipstick!
I love it's feel, I love it's look. A lipstick can be the biggest mood booster ever invented. Want to feel sexy? Try a glamorous red! Want to look playful? Go for a bubble gum pink! Sophisticated? Choose a rich berry, or rosy shade!
I spent my afternoon at my brother's pool with his ancient pug Charlie, but had a few things to do first. Couldn't wander the streets looking homeless now could I? How to look casual, but still slightly glam?
Why, a fuchsia lip does the trick!!!
My skin was a tad shinier than I would like, seeing as it's 300 degrees out. However my eyebrows and lips rock!(if I say so myself.)
My favourite lip liners are Lancôme Le Crayon Lip Contours. They are retractable, soft, and have an amazing colour payoff! I always fill in the entire lip if I'm wearing a bold lipstick. It wears much better. The shade of this liner is Berry.
The lipstick in this pic is Lancôme Colour Fever lipstick in Fuchsia Fever. It has, sadly been discontinued. However, it has been replaced by a liquid formula called Le Laque Fever in Electric Pink. After applying any bright, or dark lip, a great tip is to dip a Q-tip in translucent powder and run it along the outside of your lips. This is an extra barrier against bleeding.
As far as the hat goes, in the beating hot sun, function must on occasion win over fashion. It's so cute, but I have a freakishly small head so I had to get a kids hat to fit me! Grown-up ones are ginormous!
Keep cool, and keep SPF'd (is that a word?). If anyone has a lip trick to share, I'd be happy to hear it! You can never have too many after all!

Donna Xoxo

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Style Love! An Ah-mazing Multitasker!

I may have found the most perfect dress on Earth!
No, really!
Ricki's has come out with a line of "Convertible " items which can be worn as a skirt, or a dress.  So freakin' cute!
These little wonders are available in a solid brown, black or rust colour, and the flowered version, pictured here, which are available in black or purple. What makes these a stand-out is the fabric and the fit!  Anyone, and I do mean anyone, can wear this!  It skims the body without hugging awkwardly, or bagging in areas.  It highlights the area just below the bust for a great slimming effect!  The length can work for a wide range of people, which was music to my ears!  I'm not quite five feet, so dresses like this are usually awkward on me.  Because of the flow of this, the length was absolutely perfect!  On someone taller, (so pretty much everyone else!) it looks just as cute above the knee.
But, there's more!
This can be worn at two different lengths as a skirt!  Love it!  To wear it around knee-length just fold over the waist band, or pull it down all the way for a fun little maxi.
Best. Dress. Ever!
Have you seen this piece or something like it?  Do you own it?  Believe me, I'm going to own it soon.  Like this weekend.

Donna  Xoxo

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Meet My Tommy! Oh, and my Sinuses.

Hey Peeps!
Sorry for being M.I.A. for a while. I've been fighting this sinus inflammation thing and it's been very time consuming trying to talk myself out of jumping off of my balcony! Just kidding!
I am, however, on the mend! I plan on making up for my absence very soon, but in the meantime I have the BEST pic ever!!!!
This is my nephew Tommy and his wee face brightens up any day! Just look at that and tell me how it couldn't? Go on!
See you all soon, and I miss you!

Donna Xoxo

Friday, 6 July 2012

Lippy Lust, and My Serum Update!

Holy Moly it's hot!
Just had to get that out of my system!
So, how's everybody? Hope we're all good!
I'm in love with a few things.
First, I have to share my love for the gloss-balm trend! Lip balm is my heroin. I have extremely dry lips, so if I can marry hydration with some sheer colour, then hook a sister up!
So far, I've tried the Body Shop, and Tokidoki's versions. They both feel great on, and leave a nice sheen on the lips. The Body Shop "Born Lippy" balms smell DELISH! The Tokidoki' balm smells more like a plain old lipstick. Both taste fine, which is good if you're a lipstick eater like myself!
The price-point on both is fantastic! My only complaint is the lack of sunscreen.  Make sure to layer if you're going to be out to play!
Secondly, I need to update you on the Estée Lauder Perfectionist CP+R Serum! Velvet-licious! That is the best way to describe the feel of my skin immediately after this baby went on. I did feel better hydrated with this. It's going to be interesting to see how this progresses!
Now I have a surprise for you!!! From July 19th to the 21st, go to Sears and get your own sample from Estée Lauder, while supplies last. Get to Fairview Mall and see Mara if you live in Kitchener Ontario. (She's so cute!)
Keep an eye out for the rest of my serum story as it unfolds, and you best believe I'm going to be trying out some more balms for you! I think L'oreal may be my next adventure! Until then Lovelies, keep cool!

Donna Xoxo
Born Lippy Pomegranete
The Body Shop
Born Lippy Lychee Shimmer
The Body Shop

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Counter Intelligence! Estee Lauder (See what I did there? My nod to Jack Bauer)

Hey Peeps!
I've got some Estée Lauder news for you!
I stopped by Sears today, and FINALLY tried the BB cream that was released earlier this year. Oh ma gah! It's so smooth! After one try, the difference was remarkable! The coverage is a bit more than a tinted moisturizer, and the finish is luminous without a sparkle. I have to investigate this little beauty some more!
  My other "get" from the Lauder counter was some of the new Perfectionist CP+R serum. The claim of this serum, is an instantly smooth, fresh, and younger looking skin, with a significant reduction in wrinkles in a month. I've got a weeks worth so, I'll update as I go!
I'll let you know how the face feels tomorrow! Let me know if you've tried the serums from Estée Lauder and what you think!

Donna Xoxo

Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Few Self-Tanner Secrets and A Little Homemade Love!

I have a confession to make to you, boys and girls. 
In the summer, I swear by the self-tan.
 As I have mentioned before, I'm vampire pale.  For nine months of the year I embrace my porcelain-ness, however as the layers of clothing come off, I get out the bronzer to "beige" myself up!  (Beige is, for the most part, as dark as my skin will go.)
Self control is the key to a good self-tan.  There is never an excuse to get Snooki-fied in colour.  Ya hear me?  Never!!!
But I digress. 
Many people speak of the tanning product, and procedure itself, and I think the prep for the tan and after-care as just as important!  This will lead to a smoother, more even colour that will last longer.

Step 1.  The scrub.
Without a good exfoliation, the tan will end up patchy and uneven.  The product will cling to dry, dead skin.  Gross, but true!  One of my fave scrubs is the easiest diy ever!  Brew some coffee, drink the coffee while reading, (An Occasional Redhead's good from what I hear!  Oh the shameless self promo!  Love it!) then mix the grounds in a small container with about a teapoon of olive oil, and some vanilla extract.  Easy peasy!  Rub gently in circular motions on the body and rinse!
For the face, mix a pinch of sugar with your regular cleanser, and do gentle circular motions again.  Remember to avoid the eye area, and the sugar scrub is only an occasional treatment.  No more than once a week or two.  It can be a little bit harsh.

Step 2.  The tan.
Use whatever works for you, just remember to blend like a champ!  I love the Clarins tanners personally.  The textures are ah-may-zing!

Step 3.  Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
Did I mention moisturize your new tan?  Once you've let the tan develop, overnight preferrably, use a rich cream all over.  The best I've found is the Body Shop Body Butter.  I LOVE the Brazil Nut, but which ever cream appeals to you is going to give you the same results. 

Enjoy your new Bronzed Godess look!  If you're good to your tan, your tan will be good to you!  Don't forget the SPF when venturing outside though.  It's Bronze Godess afterall, not Burned Godess!
I'd love to hear any tips or tricks for self-tanning that any of you lovelies have!  Share in the comments!

Donna  Xoxo