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Friday, 15 August 2014

A Ten Minute Face With Almay, And Win It All!

I'm back, Kids, and I missed you guys!

The last month has been busy, and it's been great!

I went to Scotland for the first time in 20 years to visit family.  It felt like I had just been there last week as soon as I got to my cousin's house!  We all just picked up where we left off.  I'm desperate to go back again!

Today, however, I'm going to tell you guys about an event I was lucky enough to attend the day before I left. 
The cutest lunch bag ever, right?
I had the pleasure of spending the evening at the Almay Practice Makes Perfect Picnic.  It was an evening at The Drake, which featured a tutorial from makeup artist Jacquie Hutchinson.  If you aren't familiar with "The Jacquie", you need to change that ASAP!  She's phenomenal as both an artist, as well as a person!  This lady knows her business, and is not shy about telling you about it!  I was greeted with mimosas, watermelon, and the most adorable little lunch bag from Keep Leaf filled with personalized products for the workshop!
The main focus of the tutorial was the Ten Minute Face, and how it can be done easily by anyone!

All you need for a quick, polished face!  Honest!

First thing you'll need is the Smart Shade CC Luminous Primer.  This primer is an ultra-comfortable pink-toned, pearlescent cream which neutralizes discolourations, leaving a fresh radiance behind.  This oil-free primer is really nourishing, and is the perfect product for a flawless canvas.  I absolutely adore this primer!  I wear it under everything, and sometimes on its own!  It really is that good!

Follow the primer with a thin layer of Smart Shade Skin Matching, or Anti-Age Skin Matching, Foundation.  The foundation goes on white, but quickly adjusts to your skin tone.  It has "shade sensing" beads which activate once applied.  The coverage is light-medium, and buildable.  The best finish is achieved with the heat of the fingers.  Just smooth it on and blend!  It also gets rid of the need for multiple shades, since it will adjust to a bit of a summer tan!  If you go Snookie-dark, then I can't help you.  You're on your own, but we will need to have a talk about that sitch.

Primer on top, Foundation bottom.  Cool, huh?

A smokey eye could not be easier with Almay!  The Intense I-Colour Bold Nudes Collection is curated into three-colour palettes which are differentiated by eye-colour.  The shadows are even separated into sections which correspond to the placement of the shadow on the eye!  No guesswork whatsoever!  The shadows are velvety in texture which make application a breeze, and they wear really well!  Jacquie had us apply the shadows with the sponge-tip applicator during the workshop.  Wouldn't you know, it actually worked!  Couple tricks to it though.  Pick up the colour from the pan with a swipe, and press it into the back of your hand to prevent fall-out from the pigment.  Place the sponge onto the centre of the eye and gently move back and fourth with it like a windshield wiper, never lifting it  from the skin.  When applying the crease colour, extend it up onto the browbone a bit if your eyes are deepset.  Best trick ever!  Thank you "The Jacquie"!

Follow that with the Intense I-colour Liquid Liner.  Again, this couldn't be easier.  The four shades are co-ordinated to eye colour, and the design makes the application really simple.  The applicator is nice and thick at the handle, while the tip is a nice stiff point.  It's a shorter length which gives a good amount of control.  The formula dries quickly and wears a long time without smudging.  To get a perfect cat-eye, be sure to hold the upper lid taut.  It should be as straight as possible when the liner is applied.  Before you dip the liner to do the other eye, apply to the bottom lashline holding the applicator vertically.  That way you won't deposit too much product for a softer line!  This was probably my favourite of the evening!  Follow up with the co-ordinating Intense I-Colour Volumizing Mascara for thick, lovely lashes, and brighter eyes!
LOVE this liner!
For adding some warmth to the skin, the Smart Shade Bronzer is a beautiful powder.  The mix of three shades swirled together leaves a glowy, bronzey sheen.  The powder isn't sparkly or muddy.  Its just soft warm goodness!  Use this on the planes of the face where the sun would normally hit, instead of blush.  Easy Peasy!
Finish up with a swipe of the Colour and Care Liquid Lip Balm for a punch of colour and comfort!  The texture is rich and comforting, while it's quite pigmented and glossy!  This hybrid does exactly what it says it will!  The wear time is a bit shorter than other glosses, but it's more than worth it for how great your lips feel.  And can we talk about the scent?  Man alive, I want to eat it!  The warmest vanilla ever!
So, there it is.  Everything you need for a ten minute face!  Thanks to Almay and Jacquie Hutchinson, you can sleep in.  A little.
Did I mention you can win it?  All of it?
The lovely folks at Almay are giving a customized prize package worth $115.00, containing:
Smart Shade Skintone Matching Makeup
Smart Shade CC Luminous Primer
Smart Shade Bronzer in Sunkissed
Intense i-colour Volumizing Mascara
Intense i-colour Liquid Liner
Intense i-colour Smoky Shadow Kit
Colour Care Liquid Lip Balm
Shadow Softies by Intense i-colour  (I talk about these here.  LOVE!)
Oil-Free Makeup Remover Pads
Makeup Remover Towlettes
Canadian residents can enter by leaving a blog comment and using the Rafflecopter widget. (Holy Moly do I love this thing!)  You can gain more entries through social media, and enter daily! 
Good luck everyone, and I'll be back soon to tell you guys all about my trip!  I found a few new gems in the UK makeup world I want to show you guys!
Donna Xoxo
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