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Thursday, 28 November 2013

A Makeover For An Occasional Redhead! Update!

What do we think of the Argyle and the shades of purple?
I'm kind of feeling this pattern this season!  So much for cleaner!

Sometimes a change is the best feeling!
For the last while, I've wanted a new look for An Occasional Redhead. Something a bit cleaner, while being feminine still.
The last format was cute, but the new Donna is all about a modern vibe!
And purple, apparently!
Why now, you might ask?
Because, Ladies and Gents, I'm pretty fired up!
I've been up and down in the last ten days, and I'm really excited to tell you all about it in my next post!
Just you wait!

Donna Xoxo

PS- The fab nails above are a small hint of what's to come!!!!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Style Love: New Jewels from Forever21

I don't know if you've heard, but Toronto is hosting Canada's only conference for beauty and fashion bloggers. Spark Sessions is being held November 16th and 17th, and the speakers are BANANAS!
Can you say Jeanne Beker?  Elaine Liu from Lainey Gossip?
So excited to be there!
But, Holy Sh!t, is this stressful!
With the speakers, and the amazing bloggers that will be there, I feel like I really need to up my game!
No easy feat!
That's where a really cool accessory comes in!
I found some gorge pieces at Forever 21 that will add something extra to my outfits!
Lately I'm loving the midi-ring!  Midi-rings sit between the two knuckles at the tip of the fingers. The gold and black-enameled ring in the picture was $1.99. 
The necklace in the above pic hits on a couple of trends; gold and spikes. It feels so Rock and Roll!  I love this with something a little girly, or casual. It gives a bit of edge to a look. I think I paid $6.95 for the necklace, so I've had more than my money's worth. 
On a side note, did you see how slender my neck looks in that picture!  Wish I could use that angle for every profile pic. 
However, I digress...
The newest trend I've been drawn to lately is the ear cuff. I really like how it can be a pretty, elegant look, or very tough and punk-y. The cuffs I have on below are more on the elegant side. I like how it's a statement earring without the heft usually associated with one. My face is small and can look roundish, so I'm not always comfortable in a larger earring. This I can rock like a champ!
Well, Ladies, what jewellery trends are your favorites this season?  Any trends you love/hate?  
And, seriously, doesn't my neck look slim?

Donna Xoxo
Ps. I will write a huge post all about Spark Sessions!  Can't wait!  If you're there, say hi!  I'll be the short terrified one in the great accessories!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Wake-up Make -up! How to Fake It When You Need a Nap.

The last month of my life has been Cray-Cray!
My days have been filled with surgery, babies, and toddlers.
I'm recovering like a champ, and my two new nephews are adorable! 
My 24 year old year nephew and his amazing GF had a baby boy three days before my BFF and her husband had their second son. 
I was looking after Tommy, the most adorable two year old on the planet, while his Mom had a c-section.
Let me tell you, parenting is hard! 
I was glad that I had a few tricks up my sleeve so I didn`t look as if I had died and just hadn`t laid down yet!
I have to share them with the world!
They work for lack of sleep due to babies, as well as due to late night boozing.  (Hopefully not on the same night.)
The secret to looking alive is all in the product choices.
When you`re tired skin tends to be drier, so go with a tinted moisturizer or bb cream.  The extra hydration will be way more important than the extra coverage of a foundation.  Odds are the finish would end up chalky.  Concealer is also your friend at times like these!  In moderation, of course.
As for eyes, keep shadow soft and warm.  I usually go for a pale to mid-tone gold on the lid, and champagne or soft pink on the browbone and inner corners.  Some brown liner and lots of mascara on the top lid of the eye will give a bit of a lift.  Don`t forget to fill in the brows!
The best cheek on a day like this will be fresh and softly sculpted.  Use a soft champagne hilight and a bright pink on the apple for a youthful glow.  Don`t be afraid of hot pink blush!  Something like LancĂ´me's Cosmopolitan Pink, pictured above, will leave the prettiest flush when applied with a careful hand.
A bright berry lip is the best thing to wake up a tired or dull face!  I wanted a lip that was a raspberry shade.  Almost wine, but brighter.  I used a bright pink-red lip-liner and a deep berry glossbalm on top.  Love the feel of the Naturelux Glossbalm by Covergirl!  It leaves a fairly opaque colour on the lips and feels comfy!
These are just the tip of the iceberg, really.  I`d love to hear any tricks you ladies have on looking way more awake than you feel!  I have the feeling I`m going to need them!

Donna Xoxo