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Thursday, 9 October 2014

The New Neutrals. Flat And Boring Need Not Apply!

One of the biggest trends to surface for the last few seasons, has been the return of the no-makeup makeup look. 

The new version of neutral is nude, but with a little kick!  We should add a little spice to the gumbo, so to speak.

Usually when you think of a nude makeup look, matte taupes and beiges come to mind.  It's a clean polished look, that has seemed to be the go-to for daytime.  My favourite way to give a neutral face some spark is by using metallics.  Add a little copper to the eye, some gold to the cheek and that will bring a little interest to the face without adding loads of colour!

The first step in a neutral makeup look should always be a good primer.  This look is about a flawless face, with healthy and luminous skin.  The Almay Smart Shade CC Luminous Primer is perfect for a glowing canvas with which to begin.  It allows foundation to apply smoothly, adding a pearlesence to the skin that is just heavenly!  I talk a bit more about this primer here.  It's a must try!
For eyes, I chose a palette that has a taupe with a little shimmer for the lid, and a coppery shade in the crease.  A copper liner brought some warmth to the eyes as well.  The palette shown is No7 by Boots which I picked up in Scotland, but I'm really intrigued by The Nudes by Maybelline!  This looks like it has everything for a new neutral and more in it!  The liner is by Quo and it's part of their holiday collection which is out soon, if not already available.  These liners are gorgeous!  The colour is creamy, and they wear a long time without smudging.  I'll discuss Quo Holiday soon.  It's so good!

A nude lip can be tricky to pull off.  There usually has to be a caramel or rosey undertone in it to avoid a corpse-y look.  Texture is also important when it comes to a nude lip.  I personally like a bit of a sheen to nude lipsticks.  Shimmer, or gloss, but I find a true matte in a yellow shade looks like death.  Not pretty.  My go-to lipstick for a nude lip is Lancôme Colour Design Lipstick in Vintage Rose.  It has a mauve undertone which is great for us pale girlies.  Unfortunately, the Colour Design line is being phased out, but the Rouge In Love line is wonderful!
For the cheeks, I used a soft pink blush and a bronzer together for some warmth and definition.  A softly enhanced brow finished off the whole face!  This is nude makeup that won't wash you out, or make you look like you're going to work in you cubicle in an insurance agency in the 90's. 
What are your nude makeup tricks?