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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lips Like Snow White. Lush Sealed With A Kiss lip Tint.

Lips as red as blood.
Every little girl knows that line and wishes to have lips like Snow White's.
Lips that are the perfect red, just rolling out of bed in the morning!  A lovely, natural blush without a heavy or glossy finish.
What a biatch!!!!
Being a mortal, I require product to get that lively ruby shade.  Until last week, I hadn't found something that was natural, matte, but still gave a little hydration.
And then I went to Lush last week!
They have a whole world of lip care which I had not been privy to before!  I'm a huge Lush fan, but my house has a walk-in shower, and I get slightly depressed when I see all the bath bombs that I can't use.  As a result, I only go in to sniff once in a while.  I'm so glad I wandered in when I did!  I learned about the new massage bars, which are delicious, and the shampoo bars!  There was vanilla, and berry, and spices everywhere!  This little tin of gorgeous caught my eye quite quickly though!
I love that there's a story to it!  The entire product was inspired by Snow White!  From the shade, to the apple in the scent, to the name "It Started With A Kiss". 
I'm a total sucker for anything with a story behind it!
The scent and texture of this balm is unusual.  It's scented with apple, cinnamon, and white chocolate without being sweetly cloying.  The texture doesn't have any of the slip we're used to in other balms.  It can have an almost grainy feel at first, but once it warms up that goes away.  I find that the best way to apply this is to press it in to the lip, starting in the centre working outwards for a lovely stained effect.  The balm is quite pigmented, so it can be spread out for a gentle flush, or layered for a more opaque finish.
I found that I got a fairly good wear time from this tint.  Close to three hours!  For me, that's huge!
I adore this product for anytime I just want a soft pretty red.  I love a glam, in-your-face red, as we all know, however sometimes a whisper is as good as a shout!  A little goes a long way, so it's well worth $9.25.
What's your favourite Lush product?  Ever try the lip line?  I'd love to hear about them!

Donna Xoxo

Monday, 24 February 2014

Break All The Rules! What I'm Changing In My Forties!

I turn 40 tomorrow, and you know what I'm changing about my look?
There are  a few tweaks, which I talk about here, that are good rules to follow, but that's about it!
Rule 1- Never wear anything with shimmer. 
I will never give up a good shimmer eye shadow!  It will settle in lines, but if used strategically and in small doses, you're fine!  You should be doing that anyways, if we're honest here!  We are not the wimpy-ass vampires from Twilight, are we?
Rule 2- Softer hair colour is more appropriate.
Really?  As long as you believe it works, it does!  Vivid hair is all about attitude!  I'd lie if I said it didn't take nerve, but if you have it you're all set!  Choose the proper tone, of course.  It's like anything else, if the skin tone is off, you can't make that just work by will!
Rule 3- No dark or bright lip colours.
Never Going to happen!  You can take my full coverage red lippy out of my cold dead hand!  The logic behind this is that lips thin as we age and lines form on the outer portion.  As a result, darker shades bleed, as well as make lips thinner looking.  This is why primer, lip liner and hilighter were invented.  These three things ruin that argument Mr. Arbitrary Rule Maker!!!
My hair went grey when I was a teenager, and by the time I was 17 I was colouring every four-six weeks!  I always told myself that when I was forty I'd stop colouring my hair.  What.  Was.  I.  Thinking!
I'm going to be as fiery red tomorrow as I am today!
Well, wish me luck Boys and Girls!  This is a biggie!
I have wine, red velvet cupcakes, an incredible new camera, and my lovely wee family to cushion the blow!
I'll be just fine with all that going for me! 
Lucky, lucky girl that I am!
Donna Xoxo
PS- I was given a Canon Rebel camera by Ray today, so this is going to be a great adventure for all of us!  I want to give everyone the best possible experience at An Occasional Redhead, and that means better pictures!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Style Love! Black and White Spring 2014

Graphic black and white was all over the spring runways for Toronto World Master Card Fashion Week, and there's a reason it's been a huge trend for a while now!
This combo is always flattering, and appropriate for anything and anywhere.  A crisp white t-shirt and cropped cigarette pants are a clean and modern look. The key is a good fit with these pieces.  The shirt should be skimming the body, as should the pants.  Too tight will pull in the wrong places, and too loose will add extra bulk. The length of the pant is best when either at the ankle or an inch or two above.  Keep the leg tapered too!  Otherwise, its flood territory!
Black and white are also a great backdrop for spectacular accessories!  The blue in the necklace pops like nobodies business against the white.  Add a structured clutch and some d'orsay flats for some cool factor!
I personally can't wait to say Sayonara to heavy boots!  My feet don't enjoy socks.  They rebel at every turn! 
It's almost over!
Donna Xoxo

Friday, 14 February 2014

Soft And Pretty Radiant Orchid Eyes! Some Lancome Love

I always find this time of year can be a little awkward as far as makeup goes.  I'm sooooo over winter, but I still have to wear boots and heavy sweaters.  I just cant rock a turquoise eye look and a furry boot at the same time! 
I really want to though!
Instead, I'm going to do something soft and pretty.  Thank you Radiant Orchid!
Along with Pantone's exclamation of this year's colour, came a myriad of purple shades!
Just in time!
I started with Lancôme's Brightening Palette in Lavender Grace.  I applied the base colour all over, and the shimmery lilac shade on the lid.  For a contour, I used Lancôme's Colour Design Zip Me Up since I wanted something with some warmth to the shade.  I went back to the palette for the liner.  It's a really pretty violet which I applied close to the lash lines just to anchor the whole look.  A little definition, not drama, is what I'm after!
I did a sheer rosey blush, and a soft hilight for a glowy finish to the skin.  I used L'Oreal's new Extraordinaire liquid lipstick in Purple Prelude for a sheer mauve stain on the lips.  I really like the new hybrid formula lip gloss\balms that are hitting the shelves these days!  I'll be talking about this in a post soon.  I have to get a Maybelline Elixir in my arsenal first so I can make a more informed discussion.  (I'm so full of it, I just want one, really!  Whatever gets me through the day!)
Just to switch it up a bit, I added some bubblegum pink shadow to the lid, and changed the lip to a sheer petal pink.  The shadow is Lancôme Colour Design in Makeover and the lipstick is Benefit Hydra-Smooth Lip Colour in Air Kiss.  Pretty too, non?

Ladies, if you haven't used Lancôme shadows, you have to do it immediately!  They have such a great formula!  The texture is smooth with an ah-may-zing colour payoff.  The price point is only a bit higher than a MAC shadow, and the texture is worlds apart.  It's really worth it to take a look next time you need a shadow.
What do you guys do to cheer yourselves up when winter feels like it will never end?
And, yes, I'm having my hair coloured this weekend.  The grey is out of control!  It's terrifying how little brown is left under all the red!  Next time you see me, I'll be my fiery redheaded self again.
Donna Xoxo

Monday, 10 February 2014

Nude Lips, Olivia Pope Style

I'm a bad blogger guys!
I've been all over the place for the last month, which is why I've been a bit MIA.  Last week I was helping a friend look after her two boys, which are two and a half and three months old. 
Parenting is hard!
I figured I'd have time to post, but Holy Hell, it was non stop!
It was so much fun, though!  Those boys love me like nobody's business, and I cant even begin to explain how much I love them!
During nap time, I discovered the tv show "Scandal" and Olivia Pope.
Where have I been all this time?
How have I not been strung-out on this for years already!
Just watch it and try not to be obsessed with it.  All the intrigue, damaged people and debauchery!
Let alone the fashion!
I'd sell a kidney for a third of that woman's wardrobe.  (If I had one that functioned, that is.)
If I can't have Olivia's style or creamy glowing complexion, dammit, I can have her lip colour!
Olivia always wears a lip colour which is a pink toned nude.  Hers tends to be slightly more matte than the lip I have in the pic, but I needed to add some warmth to the lip crayon I'm wearing as a base so I added a sheer gold gloss.  It perks the colour up a bit, and gave a nice sheen to my dry old-lady lips.
The product that is used on Kerry Washington on the show is Clinique's Chubby Stick in "Whole Lotta Honey".  Here I have on Pop Beauty's Pouty Pop Crayon in "Rose Romance".  It's a full coverage creamy matte stick with a good wear time and soft feel.  The gloss I added was Dior's Crème de Gloss in "215", which is a sheer gold-taupey shade with small multi-coloured glitter particles.  I love that the glitter gives off more of a sheen than a sparkle.  As far as wear time goes, it's not bad for a gloss!  I like this formula quite a bit!

I`ve never really been one for a nude lip, but I`m a massive fan lately!  It`s a versatile look that can be as great with a soft eye and sculpted cheek as it is with a dramatic eye.  I think we`ll be seeing more of this on me!
Do you guys do the nude lip thing?  Any tricks to pull it off to share?
More importantly, do you guys watch Scandal?  I'm only half way through the second season, and I'm dying to see what's coming!

Donna Xoxo

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Bene-Brows! Run, Don't Walk, To The Benefit Brow Bar!

When is the last time you were in love with your eyebrows?
Just want to look and touch them all day long kind of in love?
If right now isn't the answer, then you need Sephora and Benefit's Brow Bar in your life. 
My brows are good. They're extremely low maintenance, and naturally have an ok shape. Where there are thin patches I can fill in. 
Like I said, good. Not great. 
Today, I have great brows!
Look at those babies!
I went to Yorkdale Mall Sephora last week to see Kelly at the Benefit Brow Bar. There was a promo on that had a wax and tint for $23.00, which is the price of a wax. I may never go anywhere else!
The service starts out with a "Brow Mapping" which shows the ideal shape of your brows and how to get there. The shaping was quick, and thorough. Kelly knew her business, and was adorable beyond belief!  It was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. 
As we age, our brow colour tends to fade, so a tint was the best idea ever!  It doesn't just make them darker, but it gives the brows a fullness as well. 
I was finished off with a quich touch up with "Brow-zing" and I was off to the races!  I've mentioned Brow-zing before, and I still love it just as much as the first time I put it on my hand!  There is just a touch of auburn in this product and also in my tint, so there's no stark difference between my hair and eyebrows. 
Love it!!!!
Have you guys ever had an amazing eyebrow story?  Ever tried a tint?  I want to hear your story!

Donna Xoxo