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Friday, 26 April 2013

Style Love: Who's a Pretty Girl

Hey Kids!
Did I mention that I moved from my hometown last month? I'm still figuring everything out in Aurora, slowly getting my bearings! One thing that did make me wet myself with excitement however is the two, count'em, TWO, Targets near me!
This place has piqued my curiosity for several reasons.
First, the Colabs!
They have partnered with some amazing names. The collaboration with Missoni last year was beyond fun.
Second, Sonia Kashuk.
She's an incredible artist, so I have been dying to get my paws on her products! I imagined artist quality with real-people prices. I've picked up a couple of brushes and trust, they are the ish!!! (I'm going to have to try my hand at a tutorial to show off these babies!)
Third, the prices.
In the states, this store is dirt cheap. Minimum wage there is also $6.00 or something ridiculous. I'm a realist and expecting the prices to be higher here. They are still great though, relatively speaking.
I now have a new reason to be in love with Target!
Only the cutest purse. Ever. No, really. How can you not fall terribly in love with a minty green tote? It has the most buttery, soft texture and the colour is girly, but not sickly-sweet. The burnished gold buckles make sure that the tote has a bit of edge, which gives it great balance.
This bag is also amazingly light, with loads of room. I went out of town last week and fit my book and a water bottle in there along with the rest of my goodies. I believe this retails about $35.00, which is great for a faux leather bag like this! I got it as a gift, (lucky girl that I am) but I have been eyeing it up since I first walked into Target!
This Green Lovely is a pretty girl indeed!
Any Target fans out there? Tell us about your faves!

Donna Xoxo

Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream. Yes, I Jumped On The Wagon

Like most ladies out there, I've been curious about BB creams. I've hesitated to try one mainly to avoid the disappointment of it turning out to be just a fancy tinted moisturizer. I love a good tinted moisturizer, but why would I need another one?
A couple of weeks ago I was in The Body Shop getting some toner. A special was available on their BB cream. I grabbed one, thought "why not?". The cream itself is white with self-adjusting colour spheres. I was slightly skeptical of the colour matching ability, (Whitey Whiterson over here) as it did go slightly orange on my hand.
On my face, however, Holy Mackrel!
It was perfect!
The texture was silky, and the spread was smooth. The hydration from this was beautiful! I have dry, tight, early menopausey skin, but not with this tube of deliciousness! Even after a few hours my skin was still comfortable.
As for coverage, it was on the lighter side, which I expected. The finish, however, was glowy, and even. My skin was gorge! Bright and comfy!
The one downside here is the lack of SPF. I'm a total SPF whore, so I wear a 60 over my moisturizer and a 30 in my powder, so it's not the end of the world for me. It is a shame that I do have to put that extra layer on every time, even if I'm desperate to be lazy that day. If you won't do the separate sunscreen, this isn't the BB for you!
The bottom line here is that my Aveeno now has a run for its money as a fave! I'm really enjoying this product, and I'm looking forward to a little test-drive of other BB's!
I think I need Body Shop rehab. I'd probably do a Lindsay and beat the hell out of someone standing between me and my Aloe Toner though!
Step off be-hotch, get yo own Body Butta!

Donna. Xoxo

Saturday, 6 April 2013

I Should Probably Explain Myself.....

Hey Hey Peeps!

I've been MIA for far too long! Absence has made my heart grow fonder, so, your Auntie Maureen isn't talking out of her ass when she says that. Who knew?
There has been some crazy ish going on the last six months! I have seen some life end, and learned of some new life beginning. Found out that every one of my joints are plotting against me and my hands have joined the rebellion! (My arthritis is recruiting like a terrorist cell up in here!) Became someone's wife! I wore feathers and Birkenstocks at my wedding, surrounded by people I love. I said good-bye to my father-in-law two months before, surrounded by those same people. I did both while standing beside his son, right where I belong. Ray and I also packed up this bag full of crazy and moved into my father-in-laws house an hour and a half away!
And I did it all in red lippy! Well, most of it!
So, here I am. New city, new house, new life.
Same old crazy bee-hotch though! Let's get this party started!

Donna. Xoxo