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Sunday, 28 September 2014

KissKiss Lipstick By Guerlain Fall 2014. The Perfect Lip Look Update!

I am in love with Guerlain and I don't care who knows it!

French cosmetic companies speak to me, in ways I can't even explain.  It's the effortless glamour, and elegance that gets me. 

The French, Guerlain in particular, make products that are effective while dripping with luxury.  It's in the scent, in the texture, in the results. Every piece of Guerlain looks sophisticated.  It just feels posh beyond belief, and it delivers exactly what it should!

This fall Guerlain re-released 25 shades of their KissKiss lipstick in new packaging and an improved formula. The new KissKiss is enriched with hyaluronic acid spheres for lip shaping and plumping.  The addition of Commiphora Myrrha oil and mango butter smooth and hydrate.  The lip is left with a satiny, vibrant finish with impeccable hold.  
The colour above is Rouge Kiss.  It's a vivid true red that's creamy and rich on your pout.  This colour feels sexy, and wears beautifully!  I got a few hours of comfortable wear without touch-ups, and once I did have to touch-up I just slicked on some lip balm!  There was loads of colour left, so most people would get six hours easily from this lippy. (I get a little less wear-time due to my freakishly dry lips, so it's tough to judge normal people's wear-time!)  Can we also talk about how fabulous the little imprint of KissKiss on the lipstick bullet is?  Such a wonderful detail!
The new packaging was designed by Herve van der Straeten, and Olivier Echaudermaison who is the Creative Director for Guerlain had this to say about the change:
"Because lipstick is the absolute weapon of seduction, our revamped version of the KissKiss tube is like a little black dress slipped over gold."
An amazing way to look at lipstick packaging, no? 

This lipstick is the most beautiful addition to a fall makeup wardrobe!  The cost is $41.00 and it's worth every cent!  The pigmentation is wonderful, the wear is beautiful and the feel is luxurious.  I want every one!  Every. Single. One.

I was going to quickly discuss the KissKiss Lip Lift Primer, but that beauty deserves a post all it's own!  I want to give it a thorough testing before I start bragging about it!  Love it that much already!

How are you going to update your fall look?

Donna Xoxo