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Monday, 23 June 2014

Pelle Beauty Bloom Facial Mist. My Newest Love Affair

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Pelle Beauty, and it's founder Marnie.
The story of how Pelle came to be is pretty cool! 
While Marnie worked as a makeup artist, she would bring her own concoctions of essential oils with her to prep clients skin.  They loved her oils, and not too long after, Marnie branched out and created Pelle Beauty. 
Pelle Beauty is vegan, and comprised of plant based oils and aromatherapy. 
The face oils smell spectacular, and feel comfortable on the skin immediately.  There is an oil blend for every condition, along with cleansers and an eyebalm, which you can check out on the Pelle Beauty website.
Today we are going to discuss their new Bloom Face Mist.

The Bloom line is a new cleanser and mist collection.  These have been formulated for a dehydrated skin, or really anyone looking for a boost of hydration.  I have been using the mist for a few weeks and I have one word.
The mist contains rose and neroli hydrosols which soothe and hydrate, aloe for an extra dose of comfort, licorice root and calendula to revitalize and brighten.
The second this luxurious mist hits your face, the senses go bananas!
The neroli is fragrant and rich, and the spray feels immediately soothing. 
Two or three sprays directly on the face after cleansing should be enough.  Granted, I would do 12 sprays if I could.  It just feels like heaven!
Follow up with some oil or the rest of your regime for plump, refreshed skin!
This mist is also great to set makeup, or just for a quick freshen-up.
I'm desperately in love with this mist, and Pelle Beauty in general!

Pelle Beauty is available online, but also at the wonderful BlushPretty Studios at 777 Richmond W. Toronto.
And can we talk about how pretty Marnie is?  She is the sweetest ever!  It was such a pleasure meeting her and learning about these amazing products!
Have you tried Pelle Beauty?  Are you going to?
Donna Xoxo

Friday, 13 June 2014

Easy Hair To Beat The Heat For Us Short Haired Ladies!

The higher temperatures are wonderful, aren't they?
Morning coffee on the patio while Annie plays with the squirrels, and an outdoor beer in the evening make me feel like the world is right where it should be!
I do, however, hate when my hair is in my face in the heat.  My hair may be short, but I still like to have it back and comfortably away from my face.
Thank goodness for the hair accessories trend!
Everywhere you look there are ingenious ways to keep hair back!  Headbands, hair wraps, scarves! 
Forever 21 is a goldmine for them this season.
And, NO!  They are not only for long hair ladies!
One short hair stunnah that can rock a head scarf like nobodies business is Casie Stewart.  If you aren't familiar with Casie, you need to be, and you can learn about her here.  Her hair game is bang on!  So much inspo it's crazy!

What I go for when I'm doing a look like this, is a kind of retro feel.  I love pin-up hair, so this has a pin-up influence to it. 
To keep this flirty, make sure that there's a bit of a pouf in the front, and make sure the back isn't too smooth.  Tousled  and sexy is the goal here!
Here's how!
Blowdry your hair, making sure the front has some volume.  Add a small amount of texturizing wax or pomade to tousle the hair, and smooth the sides back.  I like to leave some "sideburns" down, to soften the look.  Then take a square scarf and fold it in half.  Then fold the scarf until it's a straight line, wrap it around your head, and tie it in a knot!  I like the knot off to the side.  You can tuck the ends in, or leave them out and keep it fun.  Add oversize sunnies and you'll be cool as a cucumber!
I'll be rocking this a lot as the heat skyrockets!  Between this and a hat (I got a really cute one at Old Navy in the kids section, since I have a freakshow small head.) I should be all set this summer.
What heat-proof hair secrets do you have?  I want to hear them all!
Donna Xoxo


Monday, 9 June 2014

My Face Of The Day. Once I Can Wear One, That Is.

Guys, I can almost wear makeup again!
It's been a month and a half, but I'm almost there!
I've been planning what to wear for weeks now, so I thought I'd do a little show and tell.
I'm so looking forward to having colour on my face, and the longing looks I've been giving my poor, neglected lippy collection are a little obscene.

My collection has been teasing me!

The first thing that's going on my face, is some funky summer-proof eyeliner!  I discovered Artdeco cosmetics last year, which you can read here, and it is an amazing line!  The Soft Eye Liner Waterproof #72 is a beautiful, rich, metallic, emerald green.  It's creamy, long wearing, and fun!  Perfection!

Have you tried They're Real Mascara from Benefit yet?  If not, it's a fab find, so you should consider bringing this baby home with you!  I've fallen completely in love with this mascara.  It leaves you with long, lush lashes that has remarkable staying power!  It wears like a dream, and won't smudge or flake at all.  Now, it is a son-of-a-biatch to remove.  I found that an oil remover is mandatory, and it usually takes two applications of remover to get all of the residue.  Benefit does have a remover specifically formulated for They're Real coming out soon, so that would be a great investment once it's available.  Believe me, kids, this mascara is worth every bit of the trouble that comes with removal.  It is that good!
The coup-de-gras for my eventual FOTD will be a bright-ass pout!  I'm so very excited to wear an orange shade on my lips!  I actually have butterflies at the thought of wearing this!  The Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm in Audacious is a delicious, vivid tangerine shade with a velvety finish and a moist feel.  I've bragged about these before, here, and I love them just as much now as I did then!
Once I can wear these products, you better believe I'll be showing them off! 
Until then, I'll be quietly making googly-eyes at my makeup cases, dreaming of the day I can paint myself up!
What trends are you excited to try?

Donna Xoxo

PS- I do have to admit, that I'm remarkably comfortable without makeup these days!  I don't know if it's age and wisdom, or simply necessity, but I'm much more comfy in my own skin, and that's pretty cool!  I would advocate it to everyone to give it a whirl once in a while!!!