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Monday, 24 June 2013

Humidity-Proof Eyeliner? Hook a Sister Up!

Ladies and Gents, it's a scorcher!
Summer has come with a vengeance, sweaty face and all! 
I previously solved heat proof lips in my popsicle lip-stain post, but what about eyes?
I found the answer to that a few days ago!
While in Shoppers Drug Mart, I stumbled on a makeup line called ArtDeco.  It's a German line that's relatively new to Shoppers.  I'd never heard of it, and the rep for the company was in so I played a little.
I bought the Soft Eyeliner Waterproof in #72, which is a metallic turquoise.  The application is very creamy, without any drag to it.  To get a good colour payoff it does take a few layers, but it's buildable.  I also love that it's not a self-sharpening pencil.  I get a finer tip when I can use a sharper, therefore get a more precise application. 
The best part though, is when they say waterproof, they are not kidding!!!!
This liner wore like a dream on a very humid night.  Everything under the sun smudges on me usually, but this bad boy stayed right where it was supposed to!
The colour was ultra pretty too!!!!
At $11.00 this was a great buy!  The whole line is priced quite well.  It's not Covergirl prices, but it's not Guerlain either!  Needless to say, I will give this line a shot again!
Have you tried ArtDeco?  What did you think?

Donna Xoxo

PS- Please forgive the picture quality lately!  My camera lens broke and I'm using my iPhone5, which I must say is pretty good!  Could be me that sucks!  The pics are going to get better!  Honest!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Secret to Smooth Glossy Nails.

There are a few things in life which, for me, are non-negotiable.
Clean, healthy looking nails are one of them.
A lot of the time, my nails aren't freshly manicured.  Life gets in the way, whether its time, money, or gardening.  Just not a major priority. My nails do, however, always look good!
It is the easiest little routine! 
A few years ago, my health started to decline.  My nails started to develop deep ridges, and became very brittle.  They would peel and tear all the time.  Regular strengtheners did nothing but make them more brittle.  The key to a brittle nail is moisture!
Every night I apply a cuticle oil, like Creative Solar Oil.  Rub it in well and let it soak.
Next the nail needs to be smooth.   
I have been a fan of nail buffers for ages now.  I have always used the four sided ones, and never thought the two sided ones were all that great.
Until now! 
The Revlon Crazy Shine buffer is Fab. U. Lous!  When they say crazy shine, they're not kidding!
It leaves the nail smooth and glossy like nobodies business!  Could not believe my eyes first time I used it.  My nails were as shiny as glass!  I'm so in love!
The treatment that I find works best for me, is Sally Hansen Complete Care 4-in-1 Moisturising Treatment.  It softens and protects the nail, so you don't get those little cracks at the edge of the nail, or peeling at the tips.  Dries in record time too!

I buff my nails, and do a coat of the treatment in about five minutes flat!  Easy Peasy!
So, that's my secret!  I'd love to hear yours!

Donna Xoxo

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunset Eyes!

Hey Kids!  
I don't know about where you are, but we have finally had some summer sun!  A little rain was thrown in so we don't think we're too fancy, but at this very moment, it feels like summer!
Days like this make me want to have dinner outside and drink mojitos!  
All while looking glamorous, of course!
This is where the "sunset eye" comes into play. A friend did this look on me a few years ago and I loved it! (Thanks Jenny G!)
It's basically a smoky eye with a few tweaks in the technique, and colour choices. 
Think of the eye in three separate sections. 
After applying the base of your choice, start with a bright gold on the lid. 
Blend a bronze, or copper onto the outer third of the eyelid, and blend a hot pink, into the inner third. 
The colours need to be separate on the lid, but it should look like they melt into each other!  
I applied the hot pink around the entire eye,  as its very on trend. It's also a lot of fun!
Finish it off with a soft pink or white hilight under the brow bone and that's that!
It can be as vibrant  or as soft as you like.  The gold in the centre brings a lightness to the eye, while the pink is unexpected. Keep the rest of the face relatively soft. I did a sculpted cheek, and a nude lip. 
If I'm out for the evening, I tend to do a fun eye and soft lip, simply for the easiness factor. I'm not one to spend all night touching up my lip colour. I like to throw on some gloss, or balm through the night and go!
What's your fave "date" look?  Do tell!!!!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Something's A Little Different.......And An Offer For YOU!!!!

Hey Girls and Boys!
Here's a question.  How brave are you when it comes to trying out new looks?  A new eyeshadow colour, or hair cut?
Not everyone is comfortable with change, but others are change-a-holics!  I fall into the latter category.  A fresh new look is my biggest weakness.
Thank Goodness I have the hair hook-up! 
I may have left Kitchener, but I won't leave my Savvas!
The man is a marvel!
Currently at Cosimo's salon, Savvas has been doing hair since the early 90's.  A challenging cut, like a short or angled cut is what gets his blood going!  Over the years, decades really, that Savvas and I have known each other I've come to expect the "zone out" that inevitably happens during a cut!  The discussion of where we're getting a beer afterward doesn't even kill his focus!
The visit to salon itself is an experience!  The owner, Cosimo, Savvas and Guiseppe, the colour tech, have been working together for almost 10 years at different places.  In August of 2012 they opened Cosimo's Salon.  The boys make the atmosphere relaxed and warm.  It's a great place to go if you want a very one-on-one experience.  Not to mention a kick-ass shampoo!
It was exactly the place to go for a BIG change!
When I walked in a couple of months ago to get my obscene amount of grey covered, Savvas asked what I was thinking and I blurted out "How about blonde?"  The glimmer of excitement at the challenge of lightening my blue-black hair was all over his face!
Fast forward to May 31st, and......
I'm a Blonde Bombshell!   (My hair is anyways, my ass is still the same old boring ass as before.)
I was fully prepared to be indifferent to this.  I thought I'd like the change, but not really be crazy about it on top of my face.
Was I wrong!  Love it!
So far, it's a hit with everyone! Even my 75 year old Scottish Auntie with no filter between brain and mouth was pleasantly surprised! I'll be seeing my brutally honest brothers next week, so that will be the biggest test.  Wish me luck with that!
I have a surprise to offer everyone, dear readers!  Savvas is offering 20% off when you book an appointment and let him know that "Donna Sent Me".  The discount is available on any service.  Cut, colour, hilights, the whole she-bang! 
Cosimo's is located at 1077 Weber St East, Kitchener Ont.  The phone number is 226-647-0633.  I've included some pics from the salon and some of the boys.  Savvas is the looker with the black hair, and Cosimo is the handsome devil hard at work.  Guiseppe was shy, but he has some of the best hair in the world!  You have to see how crazy it is! Such a cute little joint!
Don't miss out Girls and Boys! 
So, what does everyone think of me as a blonde? 

Donna Xoxo