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Friday, 30 May 2014

Broadway imPRESS Press-On Manicures. So Much Better Than Lee's Version!

What a month May has been!
It's been a rough one, kids.  Not gonna lie.
You guys may have realized that I have been MIA for a few weeks, and for a while before that, I haven't shown my face. 
Which may be a big relief not to have to see my mug on the regular.  I don't know?
That's because I'm just coming out of a Lupus flare.
My joints have been horrific, and I couldn't keep a thought rolling around in my head!  All that, and my skin lost it's marbles!
The sides of my mouth split, a rash was all over the lower half of my face, my cheeks were dry. 
It buurrrnnneeddd!
I haven't worn makeup in a month, and I'm really worried that I might be allergic to lipstick.
Shoot me now!
There was a rather bright spot during my down time though!
I was lucky enough to be chosen by Influenster to receive a Vox Box with Broadway Impress Press-on Manicures.
I was sent two sets of nails, which each contain 26 nails of various sizes.  Back in the day, I couldn't get nails to fit me.  My nail beds are narrow and short, so I didn't think there was a chance that anything would fit.
I could not have been more wrong!!!
The sizes were great!  A few may have been a bit narrow, but they were easily filed. 
Which brings us to another point. 
When I put them on initially, I felt like Carmella Soprano with these long-ass square nails on my hands!  Short nail beds, remember? These nails were so easy to trim to the size that I was comfortable with!  Clippers and a glass file were all it took!
Let's discuss the whole application process.
Wipe your natural nails with the alcohol pad that comes in the package, and find the appropriate size.  File down the sides with a glass file gently if needed to fit.  Remove the backing from the sticky side of the nail and place the nail where you want it to sit.  Don't put it too close to the cuticle if you can.  Leave a little space.  It's more comfortable that way.  Press down on the centre first and smooth the sides down.  Trim and file gently if needed.
When you want to remove them, rub some polish remover around the sides, and peel them off gently.  That's it!  Removal is so easy, and doesn't damage the natural nail.
I was sent two sets of nails.  Evil Queen and Holla!
Evil Queen is a beautiful duochrome which goes from a forresty green, to a rich smokey purple.  All this and the most gorgeous shimmer thrown in!  It reminds me of Essie's For The Twill Of It. 
Holla! is a very on-trend pattern of black lace on a rose gold background.  So pretty!

After you've removed these, clean the back, and re-apply another time with some nail glue, or if you're desperate, put them over some wet nail polish, and hold them down for a few seconds!  Good to go!
I would for sure use these again!  I liked that they were easy and shapeable.  It was a quick process, and removal was a breeze!
These made me feel glamorous at a time where I was decidedly un-glamorous!  How can you not like that!
Donna Xoxo
*Nails were sent to me for consideration, however thoughts and opinions are all mine!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Consonant Skincare At BlushPretty Studios

Have you heard my big fancy news yet?
Yours Truly is now a contributor to Fashion Translated Online Magazine!
I'm so very excited to be part of this beautiful website, and have such a great opportunity to reach a broader audience! 
For my first post, I went to an event at BlushPretty Studios in Toronto for a kind of Meet and Greet with Consonant Skincare.  You can read my Fashion Translated article here.
Consonant Skincare is a Canadian company which was started in 2006.  All of the products from Consonant are at least 96% organic, with the facial care being 100%.

Consonant was founded in 2009, because its founder, Bill Baker had been using organic products but didn't like how they felt and looked "too granola"  He wanted a product that felt rich and luxurious, with sleek, unfussy packaging.
That is exactly what Consonant became!
I was sent home with a goodie bag filled with several products which have made me love them hard!
The Consonant face care system is concise and effective.  It begins with a foaming cleanser that removes makeup as well, and claims to be safe for all skin types.  Its a soft foam which is achieved through  a screen in the pump as opposed to added surfactants which mean its more gentle.  This cleanser will truly work on any skin, be it combo or parched and tissue-thin.
After cleansing, Consonant have two serums to choose from  The Superhero Serum is a powerful ant-oxidant serum which will fill small wrinkles, even tone, and protect the skin with a combination of vitamins and minerals.  The other one is the HydrExtreme, which is a combination of Cassia seed oil and vegetable glycerin..  This potent little beauty is an ultra-moisturizing, anti-aging genius!  It has all the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid with none of the irritation, leaving you with plump, comfortable skin.  The HydrExtreme can be applied directly to the skin, or blended with your moisturizer for a little boost!
The final part of the Consonant regiment is a face and eye cream application.  They make rich,  luxurious creams that would rival any high-end brand.  The facial creams come in formulas for combo to normal skin types, and dry to very dry skin types.  The textures are glorious, as are the results!  I felt smooth after applying this cream, even after a nights sleep in the least humid house in the world!  Plump is, again, the best word to describe my skin.
The two products which had me hooked instantly were the lip balm and the eye cream, though.  The Firming eye cream changed my eye area immediately!  My lines were reduced, and the puffiness underneath was diminished.  The Lip Conditioner is formulated with Sweet Almont Oil and  Fatty Acids for intense hydration that lasts for ever!  This has become my overnight balm because it feels rich, but not waxy, and I can still feel it the next morning!  These two have earned their way into my daily rotation!  They'll soon be joined by some more Consonant goodies so they wont be lonely!

BlushPretty Studios

Elaine from TOBeautyReviews, Kristina from Consonant, Steph owner of BlushPretty
Cutest Ladies Ever!
The event was held at The BlushPretty Studios at 777 Richmond St in Toronto.  It's an adorable little space which housed an adorable assortment of estheticians and makeup and hair artists.  The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, with an assortment of cocktails and cupcakes.  Classy girl that I am, I finished the SkinnyGirl Sangria.  That's how I roll! (To be honest, there was only one glass left in the bottle so I'm not that bad.)  Kristina from Consonant was knowledgeable with the product.  She explained and demonstrated wonderfully, while Steph and Elaine were delightful hosts!  The whole thing turned into a really fun little night out!
You can check out BlushPretty here, and Consonant Skincare here.  They offer both in store and online shopping.
I had such a great experience at the BlushPretty and Consonant event.  Not to mention the products are making my face so happy! 
And I'm pretty excited about my new gig at Fashion Translated!
What do you guys think of organic skincare? Ever tried it, or even wanted to?
Donnna Xoxo