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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Easy Summer Beauty with Quo

Happy July, Guys!

We've had roasting hot weather for about six weeks already, which showed up five days after it last snowed.  We had about three days of spring in total.

Yay Canada!?!

When the weather is like this, I want an easy, fresh face. I can't think of anything more uncomfortable in 27 degree heat than 5 layers of products!  Tidy brows, flushed cheeks and a softly tinted pout is my jam these days. 

Quo has got it covered!

A little while ago, they launched some new additions to their product line, in honour of the 16th anniversary of Quo being sold in Shopper's Drug Mart.  These little beauties could not have arrived at a better time!

The first thing I want to dish about is the Quo Glow Blush Stick.  These chubby crayons contain a creamy blush that is well-pigmented.  The application is smooth, and it dries to a soft powdery finish.  The colour blends well, and is buildable.  The wear time is pretty good, if it's set with a loose powder.  I wear a moisturizing ointment on my face and I can't use powder on my cheeks, since my skin is such a mess, and I still get several hours of wear. I'm impressed! 

The Blush Sticks come in three shades: Pizazz- a creamy, bright pink.  Sundown- a fresh, peach shade with shimmer. Cosmic- a vivid coral with shimmer.

Next, we have the Quo Lip Cocktail Tinted Lip Balm.  These balms are super hydrating with a sheer, juicy finish.  They really do have a pretty pop of soft colour, and a great shine to them!  They wear comfortably for a few hours, which is par-for-the-course as far as a tinted balm is concerned, and they are the most wonderful size for just throwing in your bag for re-application.  These balms apply like butter, smell like candy, and even have a hint of a candy flavour.  They are so fun to wear!  A total summer staple in my life now!

The Lip Cocktails come in six shades.  I have put the shade Tequila Sunrise in a safe place apparently.  So safe, that I have no idea what the hell I've done with it.  It's a yummy, orange-red shade. Dammit.  The other five are pictured above, from Left to Right: Martini, Cosmopolitan, Mai Tai, Raspberry Mojito, Daiquiri. 

My favourite combo lately has been Cosmic and Mai Tai.  There is just something so fun about the coral with gold shimmering across my cheek, and the fresh hit of juicy coral on my pucker!  So summery!

Top-Mai Tai, Bottom-Cosmic
Quo is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, and while you're there, if the summer collection is still available, pick up the Lip Oil!  Talk about hydration and juiciness!  *LeSigh!
Of course, all of this was worn over a good sunscreen for face and lips.  Don't leave home without it!
Welcome to Summer!!!
Donna Xoxo


*Products were provided by PR, opinions are mine.  I truly adore these!!!


Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Lupus and a Lippy Featuring Maybelline's Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Colour

Happy World Lupus Day!

Every May 10th, all of us lupus survivors around the world, try to spread awareness in the hope of giving lupus a face. Lupus is an autoimmune disease, which means that the immune system doesn't differentiate between healthy tissue and sick, so its attacks everything, leaving the  area attacked weaker.  As you know if  you've read my blog before, (and if not, welcome!)  I have had lupus for over a decade, but I didn't get diagnosed until three years ago.  It's tricky to diagnose, since it mimics so many other diseases and there is no single test that confirms it.  There are also many different types of lupus, such as discoid, which affects the skin only.  Rock star, and really hot dude, Seal has discoid lupus.  (No, they aren't tribal scars!)  I have SLE, (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) which affects the whole body.

Let's get to the fun stuff!!!!

The colour for lupus awareness is purple, so I thought I'd blend my love for a bold lip with some awareness fun!

Since my lips are super dry, the matte lip trend is a tough one for me.  Mattes usually look flat and dry on my lips, and are really uncomfortable.  I have, however, found a couple of exceptions to that,  and they're by Maybelline!  I talk about the Creamy Mattes, which I love, here, so I thought I'd try the Colour Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Colours.  I heard some great things, and since I had luck with the lipstick, why not?

The Vivid Mattes are a velvety smooth, marvellously pigmented cream in a sleek rectangular tube, with a really well done doe-foot applicator.  I don't usually worry about a doe-foot, kind of figured that you've seen one you've seen them all, but nope.  Not true. The applicator is slightly elongated and the edge is more defined, which gives a cleaner application.  With softer colours, you can fudge it a bit, but with something this dark, it makes a huge difference!
The formula, according to the Maybelline webpage, is "infused with pure-pigments for high impact colour", and does it ever deliver!  The colour payoff is outstanding.  The shade pictured above is "Possessed Plum".  It's a rich blackened plum, which is ideal for spring/summer's dark and edgy        lip trend.  It was all over the Met Gala, and I find it such a breath of fresh air!  I love coral and hot pink, but this thrills me to bits :)  There was a bit of patchiness on application, since it's a darker shade, but after giving it a second swipe, that was taken care of.  I did a quick pass with some lip balm before I started, since I had no idea if my lips would freak out as soon as the lip colour was on, but my lips were happy chappies after application!  I didn't feel dry or cakey at all.  The formula does have a soft floral scent, not unlike the Elixirs, and I felt a touch of tingling, but it was pleasant to wear.  The finish is more of a soft-semi-matte, almost satiny.  I find that a much more appealing finish anyways.  a dry, chalky matte lip is wonderful if you're 18, but it doesn't always translate into the grown-up world.  I'm an awful judge of wear time, nothing lasts long on me. I need to have hydrated, comfortable lips at all times, so if I get a few hours out of something I'm good, and that's what I got from this.  Once the colour starts to wear, it leaves a great berry-tinted stain behind that I just swiped some non-shiny lip balm over.  TaDa!  Gorge new lips!
It's safe to say I'm a fan!  I can't wait to pick up some more of the ten, (yes ten!), shades!
Are you guys familiar with Courtney from "La Belle Sirene"?  If not, you need to be!  Courtney is a lifestyle/beauty/fashion blogger with spectacular style.  Her blog is girly, pretty and elegant and the fact that she's ridiculously beautiful doesn't hurt, either!  She is also, like myself, a Lupus Survivor!  (We totally need a better name.  Lupus Lovelies?  Leave it with me...)  She faces her illness with grace and positivity.  We all hope to face each day in that way.  It's not always easy, but it's what we do. 
Lupus is frightening!  It's often passed off as hypochondria, or else met with complete panic.  The truth is there are lots of us out there, and we all have differing degrees of disability.  The ten year survival rate for lupus patients has risen from 40 percent in the 90's to 60-80 percent now.  It's not good enough!  To learn more, or find out how to donate for a cure, check out lupusontario.org.
Have you tried the Vivid Matte Liquids yet?  Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions about living with lupus, ask away, Kids!!!!!
Donna Xoxo

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Seventies Fever Featuring the Hilary MacMillan Spring/Summer '16 Collection

On the outside, I'm a short, pale Scottish lassie, but inside, I'm a tall, lithe woman, with glowy skin and chic, bohemian style.

To say I'm enamoured of the glamorous era of the 70's is an understatement.  I adore Bianca Jagger, Debbie Harry and Liza Minelli from the days of Studio 54.  The silhouettes were elegant, with deep-V's, softly draping jersey dresses, and wide-legged pants.

Imagine my excitement when the lights lowered on the Hilary MacMillan Spring/Summer 2016 show, and the funk music started. Did I mention that the music was live?  And amazing? 

Once the models started strutting, I was simply beside myself!

The clothes were in rich tones of emerald, grape and deep teal, along with a spectacular peacock print.  The silhouettes were varied, with flowy tunic dresses and crop tops with culottes, also structured crop pants, blazers and a phenomenal wrap skirt.  The silk dresses were sexy, with a strapless, halter or slip-dress options.  If office appropriate options are your jam, there were shirtdresses, and an amazing sleeveless vest!  The collection felt clean and modern, while giving a nod to the  past, all without looking costume-y.  This is retro for grown-ups. 
The inspiration for this collection came from a visit to a village in Tanzania, where Hilary volunteered at a children's home.  The children and women were optimistic, with a determination to empower themselves, get an education and hope for a better future. 
While at the local marketplaces, Hilary found a particular print with shades of green, purple and gold which then became the centre-piece for the whole collection. As a feminist, this was extremely inspiring and also humbling.
The collection also contains a silk tee with the head of a peacock, which was painted by her Mom!  How cute is that? Every Hilary MacMillan collection has a wonderful family-oriented detail in the pattern choices.  It makes me so happy when there is a personal element to a design.  It's like each piece has a part of the designer's heart in it.  Gives me the feels!
The beauty look of the show called to mind a soft, sunkissed elegance.  The skin had a lit-from-within glow using shades of peach and bronze.  The eyes had washes of the same shades, with lots of lashes, and the lip had a gentle coral stain.  Hair was centre-parted with soft waves cascading down.  The jewellery was minimal, only gold lariats around the neck.  Oversized sunglasses and the occasional headwrap sent down the runway, added to the breezy summer vibe. The whole aesthetic was extremely chic!

                                                               all photos - George Pimental
I will leave you with some more images from the show, for drooling purposes.  Visit hilarymacmillan.com for a full list of retail locations, which include Monaco, BTW!  Don't forget to keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram for images from the Hilary MacMillan show on Wednesday at 7, and if you're a fan, don't miss Hilary's Twitter page!  This is a very cool lady!
Donna Xoxo