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Monday, 9 February 2015

The Laid-Back Girls Valentine Gift Guide

Happy Almost Valentine's Day, Boys and Girls!

How the hell did that happen?  Where did the last few months go?

On the up side, winter is on the way out!  Another five, six weeks and the worst of this is behind us!


I'm not your typical girl when it comes to Valentine's Day.  I'm not one for lavish displays of affection in the form of diamonds and fancy dinners or hotel stays.  It's just not my thing.  With Ray being a chef, this is one of the busiest nights of the year for him, so it's always quiet for us.  We eat Kraft Dinner, drink beer and chill once he gets home.  That's our version of romance!

I also don't think that V-day needs to only be about romantic love.  It can celebrate your BFF bond, or you can be the sister that's doing it for herself!  Love has no rules, so why should the day that celebrates it?

The best gift's I've ever been given have been fun and playful, so I wanted to talk about options for the easy, laid-back chick!

Shoppers Drug Mart is the perfect place to hit up for your V-day needs!  One of my favourite gifts is the All The Right Smoothes Body Butter Trio from Soap & Glory.

These three mini-butters are perfect for your winter weary skin!  The formula is thick, creamy, and richly hydrating.  Even the flakiest skin is left velvety and lush!  Each butter leaves the skin scented differently.  The Righteous Butter, which is the most popular in the S&G line, has a fruity-floral fragrance.  The Butter Yourself Body Butter has notes of green fig and yuzu fruit to it, and the Sugar Crush Buttercream has a sweet lime fragrance, just like a margarita!  These scents are so much fun!  Total mood boosters!  I will say, however, that they are pretty potent, so if you don't do well with scent these may not be the best choices for you.  This package sells for $15.00.

Another gem from Shoppers is the Fragrance Sampler Coffret. For $75.00 this package contains 10 samples with a gift certificate for the full size version of your favourite. This is genius!  When I was in my 20's I was given a bottle of perfume as a V-day gift and it was awful! It was something an octogenarian in a twin-set with a bad wig would have worn. I had to fake-smile, say I love it (barf) and soon after the relationship went the same way as the sickly bottle of fragrance went. Out. The. Door!  With a choice of high quality, beautiful scents like CK Reveal, Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream, and Givenchy's Hot Couture to name a few, you'll find something that works on you!

Don't we all want a luscious pout, and A Great Kisser on Valentine's Day?  Soap and Glory have you covered on both counts with this Super-Fruit, buttery lip balm.  This powerhouse has everything you could ask for in a balm, between a sheer wash of colour and its "just right" not too sticky, waxy or slippery texture. This balm contains mango butter for moisture, apricot butter to protect from cold and windy weather, lingonberry oil for barrier repair and water-loss prevention and pomegranate extract to return a "dewiness" to the lips. The flavour shown above is Juicy Peach, which has a sheer coral finish. So much pretty for $10.00!

I'd love to hear your plans for Valentine's Day, if you have some!  I'm actually quite sappy and enjoy hearing other people's ideas of romance!!!  

Donna Xoxo