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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lips Like Snow White. Lush Sealed With A Kiss lip Tint.

Lips as red as blood.
Every little girl knows that line and wishes to have lips like Snow White's.
Lips that are the perfect red, just rolling out of bed in the morning!  A lovely, natural blush without a heavy or glossy finish.
What a biatch!!!!
Being a mortal, I require product to get that lively ruby shade.  Until last week, I hadn't found something that was natural, matte, but still gave a little hydration.
And then I went to Lush last week!
They have a whole world of lip care which I had not been privy to before!  I'm a huge Lush fan, but my house has a walk-in shower, and I get slightly depressed when I see all the bath bombs that I can't use.  As a result, I only go in to sniff once in a while.  I'm so glad I wandered in when I did!  I learned about the new massage bars, which are delicious, and the shampoo bars!  There was vanilla, and berry, and spices everywhere!  This little tin of gorgeous caught my eye quite quickly though!
I love that there's a story to it!  The entire product was inspired by Snow White!  From the shade, to the apple in the scent, to the name "It Started With A Kiss". 
I'm a total sucker for anything with a story behind it!
The scent and texture of this balm is unusual.  It's scented with apple, cinnamon, and white chocolate without being sweetly cloying.  The texture doesn't have any of the slip we're used to in other balms.  It can have an almost grainy feel at first, but once it warms up that goes away.  I find that the best way to apply this is to press it in to the lip, starting in the centre working outwards for a lovely stained effect.  The balm is quite pigmented, so it can be spread out for a gentle flush, or layered for a more opaque finish.
I found that I got a fairly good wear time from this tint.  Close to three hours!  For me, that's huge!
I adore this product for anytime I just want a soft pretty red.  I love a glam, in-your-face red, as we all know, however sometimes a whisper is as good as a shout!  A little goes a long way, so it's well worth $9.25.
What's your favourite Lush product?  Ever try the lip line?  I'd love to hear about them!

Donna Xoxo


  1. This shade looks really pretty! I love Lush's Honey Trap :)