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Monday, 24 February 2014

Break All The Rules! What I'm Changing In My Forties!

I turn 40 tomorrow, and you know what I'm changing about my look?
There are  a few tweaks, which I talk about here, that are good rules to follow, but that's about it!
Rule 1- Never wear anything with shimmer. 
I will never give up a good shimmer eye shadow!  It will settle in lines, but if used strategically and in small doses, you're fine!  You should be doing that anyways, if we're honest here!  We are not the wimpy-ass vampires from Twilight, are we?
Rule 2- Softer hair colour is more appropriate.
Really?  As long as you believe it works, it does!  Vivid hair is all about attitude!  I'd lie if I said it didn't take nerve, but if you have it you're all set!  Choose the proper tone, of course.  It's like anything else, if the skin tone is off, you can't make that just work by will!
Rule 3- No dark or bright lip colours.
Never Going to happen!  You can take my full coverage red lippy out of my cold dead hand!  The logic behind this is that lips thin as we age and lines form on the outer portion.  As a result, darker shades bleed, as well as make lips thinner looking.  This is why primer, lip liner and hilighter were invented.  These three things ruin that argument Mr. Arbitrary Rule Maker!!!
My hair went grey when I was a teenager, and by the time I was 17 I was colouring every four-six weeks!  I always told myself that when I was forty I'd stop colouring my hair.  What.  Was.  I.  Thinking!
I'm going to be as fiery red tomorrow as I am today!
Well, wish me luck Boys and Girls!  This is a biggie!
I have wine, red velvet cupcakes, an incredible new camera, and my lovely wee family to cushion the blow!
I'll be just fine with all that going for me! 
Lucky, lucky girl that I am!
Donna Xoxo
PS- I was given a Canon Rebel camera by Ray today, so this is going to be a great adventure for all of us!  I want to give everyone the best possible experience at An Occasional Redhead, and that means better pictures!

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