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Monday, 10 February 2014

Nude Lips, Olivia Pope Style

I'm a bad blogger guys!
I've been all over the place for the last month, which is why I've been a bit MIA.  Last week I was helping a friend look after her two boys, which are two and a half and three months old. 
Parenting is hard!
I figured I'd have time to post, but Holy Hell, it was non stop!
It was so much fun, though!  Those boys love me like nobody's business, and I cant even begin to explain how much I love them!
During nap time, I discovered the tv show "Scandal" and Olivia Pope.
Where have I been all this time?
How have I not been strung-out on this for years already!
Just watch it and try not to be obsessed with it.  All the intrigue, damaged people and debauchery!
Let alone the fashion!
I'd sell a kidney for a third of that woman's wardrobe.  (If I had one that functioned, that is.)
If I can't have Olivia's style or creamy glowing complexion, dammit, I can have her lip colour!
Olivia always wears a lip colour which is a pink toned nude.  Hers tends to be slightly more matte than the lip I have in the pic, but I needed to add some warmth to the lip crayon I'm wearing as a base so I added a sheer gold gloss.  It perks the colour up a bit, and gave a nice sheen to my dry old-lady lips.
The product that is used on Kerry Washington on the show is Clinique's Chubby Stick in "Whole Lotta Honey".  Here I have on Pop Beauty's Pouty Pop Crayon in "Rose Romance".  It's a full coverage creamy matte stick with a good wear time and soft feel.  The gloss I added was Dior's Crème de Gloss in "215", which is a sheer gold-taupey shade with small multi-coloured glitter particles.  I love that the glitter gives off more of a sheen than a sparkle.  As far as wear time goes, it's not bad for a gloss!  I like this formula quite a bit!

I`ve never really been one for a nude lip, but I`m a massive fan lately!  It`s a versatile look that can be as great with a soft eye and sculpted cheek as it is with a dramatic eye.  I think we`ll be seeing more of this on me!
Do you guys do the nude lip thing?  Any tricks to pull it off to share?
More importantly, do you guys watch Scandal?  I'm only half way through the second season, and I'm dying to see what's coming!

Donna Xoxo

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