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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Bene-Brows! Run, Don't Walk, To The Benefit Brow Bar!

When is the last time you were in love with your eyebrows?
Just want to look and touch them all day long kind of in love?
If right now isn't the answer, then you need Sephora and Benefit's Brow Bar in your life. 
My brows are good. They're extremely low maintenance, and naturally have an ok shape. Where there are thin patches I can fill in. 
Like I said, good. Not great. 
Today, I have great brows!
Look at those babies!
I went to Yorkdale Mall Sephora last week to see Kelly at the Benefit Brow Bar. There was a promo on that had a wax and tint for $23.00, which is the price of a wax. I may never go anywhere else!
The service starts out with a "Brow Mapping" which shows the ideal shape of your brows and how to get there. The shaping was quick, and thorough. Kelly knew her business, and was adorable beyond belief!  It was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. 
As we age, our brow colour tends to fade, so a tint was the best idea ever!  It doesn't just make them darker, but it gives the brows a fullness as well. 
I was finished off with a quich touch up with "Brow-zing" and I was off to the races!  I've mentioned Brow-zing before, and I still love it just as much as the first time I put it on my hand!  There is just a touch of auburn in this product and also in my tint, so there's no stark difference between my hair and eyebrows. 
Love it!!!!
Have you guys ever had an amazing eyebrow story?  Ever tried a tint?  I want to hear your story!

Donna Xoxo

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