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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My Big, Fat, Flu Life-Savers.

I'm a baaaaad blogger. 
I've had a horrible flu for almost two weeks, so, I've been MIA. 
My concentration is that of a first grader, and I'm not loaded with wit. 
I did, however, want to drop in to say Hi. While I'm here, let's talk about the three things that have been saving my life since I've been sick. 
When you're sick and exhausted the least appealing idea in the world is having to go through the whole procedure of washing your face, but it can get really grimy between pillowcases and Kleenex. The answer is a good cleansing cloth. Something gentle, but effective, like the Willa cloths above. I also love the Yes To Cucumbers cleansing cloths. So soothing, and easy!
A good lip conditioner is your BFF when the flu hits!  The rise in body temp dries everything out, so grab something extra emollient. My all time favourite is by a brand called Qtica. It's only sold in salons, unfortunately, but if you see it grab it!  Until then, try Polysporin Night balm. These both have the feel and texture of an ointment. That's the trick right there!
Last, but not least;  
How can we even talk  the flu without bringing up Neo Citrans?  Speaking of which, I really need one!
I'm also going to show off my couch partner, Annie.  Without my girl it would have been so very dull!  
This face is a little bit of Heaven, no?
What are your go-to's for when you're under the weather?

Donna Xoxo

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