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Friday, 9 August 2013

Blues Fest. My Two-cents on Festival Makeup

This weekend is Blues Fest in Kitchener, and it's always a blast!  
Blues Fest is a four day event held every August. There have been some pretty big names in the 60 act line-up. This year has Steve Earle, Big Sugar and David Wilcox. 
The local talent in the Kitchener blues scene is outstanding as well. 
And, I cant be there!  This is the first year that I don't live there, and this is the one weekend I can't venture on back!
I'm a little bummed about that!
I will watch from the sidelines on Facebook as my friends and family enjoy themselves knowing I'm there in spirit!
Here's a few tips on staying put together while dancing in the sun and drinking beer!  (I may be quite an expert on that)

1-Keep a well hydrated and well protected canvas. Start off with a great moisturizer, that's not overly heavy. The sun and the beer tent are both dehydrating. Follow up with a sheer sunscreen. Even of you have sunscreen in your moisturizer, nobody applies enough to get proper benefits when you're outside. Another layer is important!
2-Even and dewy are the keywords here. If you can get away with only some concealer where needed that's perfect!  If not, keep your coverage light. Slap on a bb cream, or tinted moisturizer before concealer, and you're good. Perfect and flawless is not the look here. Comfortable and fresh is!  
3-Add a flush that's going to last. We don't need a perfectly sculpted cheek today. I usually use a cheek stain for soft definition that's going to last. Sometimes I add a cream bronzer for a little sun kissed glow. (Whitey Whiterson over here, remember)  After that, brush on some sheer powder to set everything. A light dusting on mainly the t-zone should do it. Dewy Ladies!  That's the goal!
4-Mascara like its your job. Go for the big sexy lashes!  Make sure it's smudge proof though!  Beer, sun, and Tammy Faye eyes are bad. Just bad.
5-Lip primer, and SPF are your friends. The rest of the look is laid-back so keep that vibe going with a lip that doesn't need constant attention. If you want something soft, do a tinted lip balm with SPF. If you want some punch, use a lip primer first. That way you can sing with abandon and not get smudged teeth or lipstick on your chin!  Again, make sure there's sun protection in there somewhere!  I sometimes just apply my cheek stain on my lips and use an SPF balm over for some moisture. Gives a pretty soft finish too. 

If you have some free time this weekend, check out The Blues Fest!  Fan or not, it's a good time and it'll probably turn you into one!
I'd love to hear about your tips for event makeup!

Donna Xoxo

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