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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Lovely Lily. The Lily Cole Collection for The Body Shop

Lately I'm in love with The Body Shop. The Body Butters have always made me a happy girl and the Aloe skin line is beyond fab.
In the last year however, I've started to develop certain feelings for their makeup line.
When I heard that Lily Cole was involved in the latest makeup collection, I had some butterflies happening! Could she be any cuter?
Could this collection be any cuter? It consists of a "Puff on Radiance" illuminating powder, a "Pearl Radiance" primer, two Lip and Cheek Domes, a Liquid eyeliner in "Violet", four shades of Hi-shine Lip Treatment, and a Shimmer Cubes palette.
So far, I've tried the Lip and Cheek Dome in "Pinch me Pink" and the Lip Treatment in "Go Play".
The Dome texture was creamy and smooth. The colour was a pretty cotton-candy pink and quite buildable. I think it would be tough for anyone with a darker or olive skintone, but if you're a fairer skinned girlie go for it! As a lip product the finish is like a cute little stain on its own, but some gloss softens it nicely. I would suggest a balm underneath, it could be a little drying.
As for the Lip Treatment, they have a really pretty shimmer to them. The finish is soft and healthy instead of in-your-face glossy and glittery. Oh, can we talk about the scent? Tropical Heaven!
The fact that the collection is 100% cruelty free is the icing on the cake. What the hell are fish scales doing on my face anyway? And Bug Shells? Really?
Needless to say, it's only a matter of time before the rest of these products follow me home! What can I say, they love me!
I have a few pictures of the products, and swatches in the post. Let me know what you think of these, or if you have any Body Shop loves of your own. I'd love to hear!

Donna Xoxo

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