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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Style Love! An Ah-mazing Multitasker!

I may have found the most perfect dress on Earth!
No, really!
Ricki's has come out with a line of "Convertible " items which can be worn as a skirt, or a dress.  So freakin' cute!
These little wonders are available in a solid brown, black or rust colour, and the flowered version, pictured here, which are available in black or purple. What makes these a stand-out is the fabric and the fit!  Anyone, and I do mean anyone, can wear this!  It skims the body without hugging awkwardly, or bagging in areas.  It highlights the area just below the bust for a great slimming effect!  The length can work for a wide range of people, which was music to my ears!  I'm not quite five feet, so dresses like this are usually awkward on me.  Because of the flow of this, the length was absolutely perfect!  On someone taller, (so pretty much everyone else!) it looks just as cute above the knee.
But, there's more!
This can be worn at two different lengths as a skirt!  Love it!  To wear it around knee-length just fold over the waist band, or pull it down all the way for a fun little maxi.
Best. Dress. Ever!
Have you seen this piece or something like it?  Do you own it?  Believe me, I'm going to own it soon.  Like this weekend.

Donna  Xoxo

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