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Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Few Self-Tanner Secrets and A Little Homemade Love!

I have a confession to make to you, boys and girls. 
In the summer, I swear by the self-tan.
 As I have mentioned before, I'm vampire pale.  For nine months of the year I embrace my porcelain-ness, however as the layers of clothing come off, I get out the bronzer to "beige" myself up!  (Beige is, for the most part, as dark as my skin will go.)
Self control is the key to a good self-tan.  There is never an excuse to get Snooki-fied in colour.  Ya hear me?  Never!!!
But I digress. 
Many people speak of the tanning product, and procedure itself, and I think the prep for the tan and after-care as just as important!  This will lead to a smoother, more even colour that will last longer.

Step 1.  The scrub.
Without a good exfoliation, the tan will end up patchy and uneven.  The product will cling to dry, dead skin.  Gross, but true!  One of my fave scrubs is the easiest diy ever!  Brew some coffee, drink the coffee while reading, (An Occasional Redhead's good from what I hear!  Oh the shameless self promo!  Love it!) then mix the grounds in a small container with about a teapoon of olive oil, and some vanilla extract.  Easy peasy!  Rub gently in circular motions on the body and rinse!
For the face, mix a pinch of sugar with your regular cleanser, and do gentle circular motions again.  Remember to avoid the eye area, and the sugar scrub is only an occasional treatment.  No more than once a week or two.  It can be a little bit harsh.

Step 2.  The tan.
Use whatever works for you, just remember to blend like a champ!  I love the Clarins tanners personally.  The textures are ah-may-zing!

Step 3.  Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
Did I mention moisturize your new tan?  Once you've let the tan develop, overnight preferrably, use a rich cream all over.  The best I've found is the Body Shop Body Butter.  I LOVE the Brazil Nut, but which ever cream appeals to you is going to give you the same results. 

Enjoy your new Bronzed Godess look!  If you're good to your tan, your tan will be good to you!  Don't forget the SPF when venturing outside though.  It's Bronze Godess afterall, not Burned Godess!
I'd love to hear any tips or tricks for self-tanning that any of you lovelies have!  Share in the comments!

Donna  Xoxo

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