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Friday, 31 May 2013

Summer Stained Lips.

I don't know about you peeps, but I hate the feeling of heavy makeup when it's hot!  My face feels like its suffocating!
There is nothing better in the summer than a bright lip though. 
What's a girl to do?

Well, as it would happen, I have the answer!  
A stained lip!  
I LOVE the lip to look as though you have just finished a Popsicle!  Slightly darker in the centre of the mouth, with a soft matte finish. 
I have a little step-by-step tutorial on how this is done. The pics below are in order of the steps.
This is my particular fave way to get this look. 

1-Smooth on a hydrating lip balm and pat it thoroughly into the lips. Line and fill in the lips with a bright berry tone lip liner. 

2-Apply a bright pink lip stain on the inner portion of the lips. Take a matte nude lip crayon or lipstick and apply that the outer portion of the lip. Smudge where the two meet so there is a nice soft ombré finish.

3-Apply concealer around the outer lip line and blend for a clean lip line. This prevents bleeding like a champ!

4-Put a creamy hilighter in the "cupid's bow" of the lip. (The "V" on the top lip). This gives the appearance of fullness. It's a great trick since the formula and technique used here are not adding volume to the lips. 

And, there you have it!  
I used four products for this, which may seem like a lot of work, but the payoff is worth it!  It will wear for hours, and if it feels dry, just press some lip balm on gently and you'll feel more comfortable without losing any colour!
This also looks fab in the cooler months with a deep wine shade!  
So many possibilities!!!
Don't you love some new tricks! If you guys have any, hook a sister up!!!

Donna Xoxo

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