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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine. So Worth the Price, and Possible Divorce.

Have you tried Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick yet?
One from the summer collection followed me home a few days ago, (I swear it wasn't my idea Ray!  Please don't divorce me.) and let me tell you, this is like heaven in a tube!
When Chanel formulated the Rouge Coco line, they added what they call the Hydratender Complex which gives a soft, hydrating quality to the lipsticks. The Rouge Coco Shine is slightly more sheer than its counterpart, with a balmy texture.   They say it has a "melt-away" feel, and that's exactly how this felt going on!  The texture was incredibly smooth while being shiny, not slippery. 
The colour, as I mentioned above, is 467 Pygmalion from the Summer Collection. They are slightly more pigmented than the regular collection, but still have that great transparency. The shade is a warm coral-pink, which could easily be layered over a deep red liner in the cooler months. The price was $39.99. 
I'm becoming a total coral junkie!  What the hell is that about?
I wore it with a nude lip liner, but that wasn't necessary for touch-ups!  I got about two and a half hours wear out of this, which is what I expected. If I need more wear time, I'll add my Too Faced lip primer and I'll be good to go!
I've been a sucker for Chanel lip products since I was a teenager, and this is exactly why. They really are beautiful, and I always feel so Glamorous bringing out that wonderful black and gold packaging. 
Who cares if I walk with a cane, like I'm Ninety?  I have Chanel on my face, Bitches!

Donna  Xoxo

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