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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Style Love: The Find of the Summer!

I was wandering around Old Navy last week when I stumbled across the most adorable little bargain in the shape of a navy and white striped tank dress. 
Being short and, well, curvy is a nice way to put it, I'm always a little hesitant when it comes to stripes. I have always believed the "stripes always make you wider" ish and stayed far away. 
I'm here now to tell you it's all about proportion and fit. 
A few years ago, a friend coaxed me into giving a striped tank a try. 
Loved it!
I felt very Audrey Hepburn. 
Since then, I've tried some hits and some misses. This dress was a big hit!  
The top half hangs really well because of the elasticized waist. It camo'd my freak-show sized boobs beautifully!  
Not an easy feat, btw! 
The drape of the material skims over the bottom half, and doesn't cling anywhere it shouldn't.
 For $15.00! 
I immediately started thinking of how this little sweetheart can be worn into fall and be fabulous!  We all look for transitional pieces, don't we!
Right now, I'm wearing it with a belt, throwing on a great pendant and calling it a day. 
Once fall hits, there are so many possibilities. I can wear it with camel and tan for a cute look, but I'm excited to edge it up a bit!
I've shown it below, with a black leather belt, a shawl collar cardi and a silver and black chunky pendant. Add motorcycle boots, and it's a funky little date outfit!  
Ahhhhh, aren't options wonderful!
Tell me your transitional weather ideas!

Donna xoxo

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