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Monday, 1 July 2013

Nail Polish, Sociopaths and Doggie Love: A Glimpse into My Days

Happy Canada Day Boys and Girls!
I hope it was a great weekend for everyone, and I hope it's a quick recovery too, be it exhaustion or hangover. 
Been there my friends, let me tell ya!
I've been laid up for the last week, so I thought I should check in and give a little snap-shot into how I've been amusing myself!
Don't everyone wet themselves in anticipation all at once!  It's exciting, I know. 
I did a little mani a few days ago. Has anyone tried the new Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Glosses?  I tried the Mint Mojito and I have to say... Love It!  It's a great creamy mint green that is so not wimpy!  The brush is a great width, and the formula doesn't streak. The application on my right hand looked to be streaky when I did it, that being my non-co-operative hand and all, but it dried nice and smooth. 
As for the rest of my week, a lot of Dexter was watched in anticipation of the season premiere last night!  I'm going to be a wreck when this show ends after this season!  We won't talk about that right now. Can't bury James Gandolfini and discuss this in the same week. 
I'm only human after all!
I spent the rest of the week hanging out with my fur baby, Annie. Did I tell you guys that Ray and I have a new doggie?
She naps in the afternoon, likes to lie on the couch and get affection!  She's me in dog form!
I also discovered this week that the Walmart near me has a section of chocolate imported from Scotland!  
Dexter, pretty nails, an Orange Club Biscuit and my Annie. Not a bad week, all things considered. 
I'd love to hear about everyone else's weekend!  Anyone do exciting stuff?

Donna Xoxo

Ps. A quick shout out to my Dad. He would have been 75 today. 
Ray and I'll have a wee scotch in James Hain's honor since we can't have one in his presence. He would have enjoyed my wee family, such as it is!  Xxxx

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