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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

I Have A (Colour) Crush On The Body Shop

A few weeks ago, The Body Shop had an event called Girls Night Out to showcase some new spring products.

The mingle of scents in there was delightful, as usual, and the new displays were so inviting!
Of course, I gravitated towards the new makeup collection!  I had visions of soft lilac shadows and pretty corals and nudes dancing in my head before I walked in.  What I ended up with was not what I expected!
The most adorable young lady was looking after me and we decided to play!  We tried the sweet pretty shades that I had in mind, but together we found so much prettiness in the not so sweet shades!

I hadn't tried the Colour Crush collection before, and was I in for a surprise! 
The textures were smooth and creamy.  The pigments were intense and true.  Just call me a Smitten Kitten!
The Colour Crush Shadows are a powder that can be applied wet or dry.  They are highly pigmented with a nice rich finish.  The shade shown above is 315 Mon Cherry.  Its a pearlescent mauvey hue that is a slightly warm in tone.  The wear time on these is fantastic, and they don't crease!  The price is beyond worth it at $10.00!  Try this as your nod to Radiant Orchid, and you will be wearing this forever!
The Colour Crush Lippy is a rich, moisturizing lipstick with a high-impact colour pay-off.  The shade I chose is 340 Damson in Distress.  At first it looks like a dark plum but once applied, it's more of a hydrating, shiny stain.  The shade is a beautiful wine that lasts for ever!  I had to remove it with a heavy duty remover at the end of the night.  It stayed comfortable throughout however, and if I needed some moisture after several hours a little bit of balm on top did the trick!  This little wonder is only $13.00, but the quality is that of one that's twice the price.  If I want a softer finish, I just press it into my lips with my finger for a berry stained lip.  Pretty!
There are so many new things from The Body Shop this spring!  The Raspberry Scent is delicious, and the Vitamin E Oil in Serum is heaven in a bottle! 

I love my berry lips!  What do you guys think about non traditional makeup colours in spring? 
Donna Xoxo

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