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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Spring Showers. An Update On My Fragrance Situation, The Babies, And My Big Fat Arthritis.

Well, Boys and Girls, I just have a quick and dirty little Hello here from me to you. 
Spring can be tough for me since dampness and inflammation are like Sid and Nancy. (Or Chris and RiRi, for those of us not as old as the hills.)They LOVE   each other, but good things don't happen when these two collide. Pain, meds, and some not so ladylike behavior usually follow!
However, I have a lucid moment so let's enjoy it!

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that I won a draw that Dave Lackie, who is a Cosmetics Wizard on CityLine, is the editor of BeautytheGuide.com, as well as his own site davelackie.com, hosted. He is also the nicest guy you could hope to meet!  All thanks to Dave, i am the proud owner of Kenzo's newest fragrance, Flower In The Air! It's the prettiest, freshest floral!  I adore it!  I'll go more in depth later in the week about it. It absolutely deserves it's own post!  
I've also recently spent some time with The Babies, although they are pretty much big monsters now!
Jax on the left, is my BFF's youngest, and Jameson on the right is the son of my nephew and his FiancĂ©!  Adorable, chubby wee rascals are five and a half months old now and 20 lbs each!!!!
And, we can't forget My Best Pal! Tommy is my BFF's oldest. This one knows everything!  He really is, at not quite three yet, smarter than me on some days!  Today would be one of those days. 
While we're catching up, I have some exciting news of things to come next month for yours truly and the blog!  Can't share yet, but I'll spill in the next week or so. I'm really looking forward to what's ahead for An Occasional Redhead!
I think that's enough nonsense from me for now. I will say good night and snuggle up in bed with my Annie and hope for some sleep.  
I miss you all, and promise it's not just the arthritis drugs talking!

Donna Xoxo

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