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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Benefit's The Porefessional And Garnier Ultra-Lift Transformer. What a Pair!

Guys, I've missed you!
I am fighting a really big stupid cold, which has been causing misery for the last week.  It's been tough to string a coherent sentence together!
Today, however, I can see through the fog, so I have absolutely got to tell you about the duo I've been all over lately!
These two babies layered leave a lovely glowy, velvety finish to the skin!
Benefit's The Porefessional, is one of the best primers out there.  I have talked a bit about this primer before, with regards to anti-aging, but it's great for everyone!  It has a silky balm-like texture which is light and comfy on.  The Porfessional will work on all skin-types, as long as they're well moisturized.  I have skin like the Sahara, so I use a hardcore moisturizer containing urea. This can leave me shiny and my pores look like little swimming pools!  After I apply this, my skin is matte and lovely!  This primer also has a Vitamin E derivative to protect from free radicals.  A little goes a long way, so, $31.00 isn't really that painful!
Garnier's Ultra-Lift Transformer is a newer product.  This product is a multi-tasker extraordinaire!  It is said to hydrate, correct wrinkles, firmness and dullness.  It starts off white, and then self-adjusts to the skin tone by using micro-pigments to brighten and correct.  Brighten is an understatement!  There is very slight coverage with this, but it has a spectacular blurring effect, which softens any imperfections.  Even though the Transformer has anti-aging benefits, they're not aggressive!  The anti-oxidants, peptides and vitamins will improve the skins overall health, regardless of age.  Drier skins will need a moisturizer under this, like a bb cream would, but if your skin is combination, or normal you should be fine.  I'm not sure how an oily skin would like this.  I don't think it would be bad, but it might not be a homerun.
Don't forget the SPF Ladies!
I hope to be back on my feet, and back on your screens more very soon!  This once a week ish has got to go!
Who has a combo that they love?  Any primer secrets out there? 
Share with the class, Kiddies!
Donna Xoxo 


  1. I wish the Transformer worked for me but it turned me orange! lol

  2. Oh no! I'm really pale and honestly I was a little worried before I tried it. I lucked out, it was perfect for me! That's too bad Julie!