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Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Filly and Firkin Pub. A Warm, Cozy Home From Home

I don't know about you guys, but there is nothing I love more than a pub!  I love the coziness, and the ambiance.
I've been going stir-crazy after being sick for most of the month, so that's exactly where I headed last week when I felt a little better!
The Filly and Firkin is a cute little pub not far from where I live in Aurora.  The d├ęcor with its dark wood and rich wine-toned velvet feels rich and inviting.  The staff are friendly and there's a nice warm vibe.
The beer selection is great!  There's Canadian, and Coors Light, but the best one they have on tap, IMHO, is Tennants.  Tennants is a gorgeous golden lager from Scotland with just enough heaviness.  I love Guinness, but my stomach isn't in love with the heaviness of a stout.  A "lager and lime" is always a good choice too!
The Firkin menus are pretty comprehensive.  Even if you aren't a pub-grub fan, there's something on there for you.  My favourite on the menu is Stuffed Yorkie!  Its a Yorkshire pudding stuffed with prime rib, and mashed potatoes, then smothered with Firkin's Guinness gravy!  This dish is loaded with flavour.  The beef is so tender, and the Guinness gives the gravy a wonderful richness.  An absolute must try! 
Since I have no will-power, I went for the apple crumble pie.  It was buttery, and caramel-ly, and all kinds of delicious!  It was the perfect end!

To check out your local Firkin, go here.  It's a great place for a casual dinner, or a quick drink.  If I'm out running errands and just feel like being in amongst people, it's perfect to drop in for a beer at the bar.  I always feel really welcome here!
What are you doing this weekend?  Go get a beer!

Donna Xoxo

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