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Friday, 28 March 2014

So, That Time I Met The Face Designer For Armani...

During the third week of March, World Master Card Fashion Week descended on Toronto.  It's always bustling with the most stylish of people, and the best of Canadian design fill the tents with five full days of fabulous! 
Fashion week has always been my wildest dream!  I've wanted to be there, and just be part of that scene for as long as I can remember.  This year, it was not to be.  Just couldn't shake my cold in time!
I did have an amazing experience with fashion history that week though!
Reza Zaimeche, the International Face Designer for Giorgio Armani, visited the Armani cosmetics counters at a few Hudson's Bay locations.   I was lucky enough to see him during a cocktail reception at the Queen St. Bay on March 18.  What an incredible person!
Mr Zaimeche was so personable and gracious that I felt so at ease speaking with him!  We were trading stories, and he taught me some great tips!  (Brown eyeliner mixed with creamy luminizer makes a great contour on the fly!  Who knew?)  We were laughing together like we just bumped into each other in line for coffee!  I could fangirl all day about him!  It was such a pleasure!
As I mentioned, I had been sick since the beginning of the month.  Not only that, but I had Lupus face!  My lower face had broken out in a rash and the sides of my mouth became inflamed and split open.  What a looker I was!  And, just in time for meeting this makeup icon!  I was mortifed!
The atmosphere could not have been more welcoming!  The artists there were knowledgeable, and my skin was looking much better in no time. 
It was all thanks to the new Armani Luminessence CC cream!
This CC cream boasts "A Good Night's Sleep In A Cream", and they are not kidding!  This cream is loaded with moisture and antioxidants.  It brightens, and wakes up the skin with "rosy glow" pigments.  There's an SPF of 35 which is great for a high-end CC cream.  From the second I read about this I wanted to get it on my face.  I'm really glad I did!  As for coverage, it's actually pretty good, a little closer to medium than light.  It's not foundation, so if that's the coverage you want, you won't get it here.  What you get instead is luminous, lively, even skin that looks natural and healthy!  I think the price is $50.00.  A little goes a long way, and it feels sooooo spectacular on!
I also picked up my new favorite eyeshadow!  The Eyes To Kill line of shadows are breath-taking!  It's a loose shimmery shadow that feels ultra creamy and applies like a dream!  The shade I brought home is #8 Champagne.  It's a rose gold tone which can be worn in a pretty sheer wash of warm  nude sparkle, or if layered over a cream shadow, it can be almost a foil-looking finish.  I adore everything about this shadow, from the texture to the size of the glittery particles.  At $42.00, it's an extravagance, but it's nice to have something that's this beautiful that I'll wear all the time!  In that sense, it's worth it for me.  Will I be getting ten of them.  No.
Have you guys tried Armani makeup?  Do you have a brand that you have discovered for the first time lately?  Do tell!
Donna Xoxo


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