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Monday, 24 March 2014

My Trend Trunk Experience, Plus a Giveaway!

I recently made my first purchase from Trend Trunk, and I want you to hear all about it!
I've written about this company before, which you can read here, but I hadn't used them yet.  I found it to be a really easy process!  Since I go back to Kitchener for a few days every couple of months I needed something for traveling.  Suitcases are just too big sometimes.  I found a cute TNA bag for a great price, which looked to be in good condition.  I placed the order, had a confirmation sent to me right away, and my bag arrived a few days later!
The best part about Trend Trunk's system is that your payment doesn't get released to the seller until you have the item and you can see the condition it's in! 
I love the bag I bought!  I've used it a billion times!
Since I enjoyed this whole experience so much, I think EVERYONE should try Trend Trunk! 
Just click the link below, and you get a gift card!  The value of the card will be anywhere between $5.00 and $250.00, and doesn't expire for three months from the time of entering.
This is also happening just in time for the next Blogger Fashion Week, which runs from April 7th until the 13th.  
Good Luck Boys and Girls! Happy Shopping! 
Donna Xoxo
PS- Let me know if you try Trend Trunk!  Pics or GTFO!!!


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